When UNFOLLOW is asked about advertising for a crowdfunding campaign, their response is unique: 'with a dictatorship'.
The Cocoricò Republic, in an effort to overcome pandemic challenges, launches an epic crowdfunding initiative, guided by a disco-dictator, played by Irene Petris, to fund the completion of venue renovations.

The Cocoricò offers distinctive rewards:

a Willy Wonka-style chocolate bar with golden tickets for lifetime free entry,
exclusive merchandise by Sutororuru,
a collectible pyramid,
a vinyl from the historic "Memorabilia" party, and a chance to be on their wall of fame.
A highlight is the MU.DI. (Digital Museum), set to open in May 2024, showcasing underground Italian artists, emphasizing the cultural significance of musical venues.

The crowdfunding campaign successfully raised €250,000 in 45 days.

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