Jerry Thomas and Velier, in collaboration with Unfollow Advertising, present "The Jerry Thomas Show," a fresh communication project that reimagines the bar as a hub of casual chats and intense ideas.

Featuring icons from entertainment, music, and film at the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, the show offers a mix of ironic talk and essential conversations
“Some photograph cocktails, others drink them. We choose not to photograph“
We feel a strong need to return to the origins of the bar at this historical moment, where the narrative is often flattened, both by bartenders with their technicalities and by customers through superficial use of social media.

Rejecting the trend of merely photographing cocktails, the show seeks to revive the essence of traditional bars. It recalls the Parisian bistros frequented by Dalí, Picasso, and Hemingway, and Milan's Jamaica bar, a cradle for Italy's industrial design movement with figures like Castiglioni, Munari, and Gio Ponti.

"The Jerry Thomas Show" brings together friends with stories to share, blending personal anecdotes with tales from music, cinema, and entertainment. Not just about drinking, it also delves into the culture of spirits, with Luca Gargano and Velier exploring each episode's featured drink. The first season is dedicated to rum.

The program is available on digital platforms and the social media channels of Jerry Thomas and Velier. "The Jerry Thomas Show" is more than a talk show; it's a celebration of authentic bar conversations.
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